“Ukrainian leasing fund” kept the primacy in terms of the new business volume.

Ukrainian leasing fund took 1st place in terms of new business volume in the first half of 2013 according to the ranking of leasing companies published by “Ukrainian Union of Lessors” association.

The ranking includes 20 leading leasing companies members of the Association. Per 2Q 2013 their total new business volume amounted 3 727,948 mln. UAH, and the total leasing portfolio was 13 781,185 mln. UAH.

Ukrainian leasing fund has retained its top position in terms of new business volume for the second time in a row in aggregate per Q2. The value of its assets amounted 1 017,170 mln. UAH – 27% of the total value of assets of all leasing companies, which were included in the ranking. Comparing with the previous period, the company has improved its results in terms of the leasing portfolio by achieving 4th place in the ranking (1 599,717 mln. UAH).

“The positive dynamics of the results of Ukrainian leasing fund have been made possible through constant improvements and innovations and a team of professionals who have been able to accomplish this. For example, in 2013 we added to our offer operating leasing, service support to customers and fleet management service. The ability to retain our leading positions in changing market conditions comes from careful attention to our customers and their needs resulting in ongoing expansion of the list of funding programs on advantageous conditions”, – said Krzysztof Florczak, director of Ukrainian leasing fund.


LLC “Ukrainian leasing fund” is present on the Ukrainian leasing market since 2011. Ukrainian leasing fund provides financial and operational leasing services, and fleet management services throughout Ukraine. The company occupies a leading position among the leasing companies of Ukraine (according to Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors”). Ukrainian leasing fund is an affiliated company of PC “VEB-Leasing”, the number 1 leasing company in Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of the leasing portfolio and new business (according to the ranking agency “Expert RA” for 2009-2012 and 2012 ranking by LEASEUROPE – an association of European leasing companies).