New action from VAB Leasing- each men will receive a tire fitting as a gift

As part of promotional offers from VAB Leasing each  man who has concluded a lease agreement for the period from February 13 to February 29, receives a gift – the certificate for a free spring tire fitting.

“By the spring the tire fitting service – one of the most relevant of vehicle service support and the most popular. Any tire fitting tests the large influx of clients that change winter tires on summer one at this time. However to the participants of our action it is not quite needed to stand in turns, testing there reserve of patience, as  VAB Leasing especially for February 23 has prepared for them a great gift. All, that needs to be done by our male-clients, who conclude agreement during the action – is to ring up the service manager of leasing company and sign up for a free tire fitting at the time suitable for them. Thus, we aim to teach consumer to the fact that the lease – is a full service, which allows you to shift all the cares associated with servicing the car for leasing company “, – says Lyudmila Zolotareva, VAB Leasing General Manager.

Developing the service component in the maintenance of leasing programs, in January 2011 the company introduced a new package of technological support “Open Service”. Under this proposal, in addition to service seasonal replacement of tires, their purchasing and storage, the customer receives a number of other popular services: settlement of insurance claims (if required – departure of insurance commissar), providing an annual technical inspection in the SAI, control of regular maintenance, repair feasibility – both warranty and non-warranty, fuel card, technical support line around the clock, free towing, roadside assistance and etc. The proposed package of services to the client’s request can be expanded.