03.10.2013 IV International Leasing Conference

13.02.2013 UUL General Meeting. The subscription of the Memorandum with the State Commission

17.05.2012 III International Leasing Conference

22.03.2012 Roundtable: “The state regulator in the leasing market. How to make it more efficient?”

20.01.2012 UUL General Meeting

08.01.2011 UUL held the casual meeting

20.05.2011II International Leasing Conference

04.06.2010 I Internatiomal Leasing Conference

11.03.2010 Seminar for the Ministry of Economy staff

20.01.2010 UUL General Meeting

24.12.2009 The subscription of the Cooperation Agreement with UAB

12.03.2009 Press conference “Leasing: results of the industry in 2008. Forecast-2009″

16.09.2008 Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors” significantly expanded its membership and now comprises 53% of the leasing market