The National Bank will establish criteria by which the degree of risk of non-banking financial services market participants is assessed

According to the  NBU , the establishment of criteria will determine the frequency of scheduled inspections of institutions. In particular, it is proposed to establish the following criteria for assessing the degree of risk: – state of […]

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The National Bank has completed the planned acceptance of reports from non-bank financial institutions for the first half of 2020

This week saw the end of the date of the first reporting to the new regulator by non-bank financial institutions in a new format. The NBU has accepted reports from more than 84% of financial […]

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Published questions and answers on the formation of reporting of non-banking financial institutions and its submission to the National Bank

In order to ensure timely reporting by non-bank financial institutions, the National Bank continues its dialogue with market representatives to provide clarifications and information support. In particular, the National Bank has developed and published a document […]

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The National Bank presents for public discussion a draft Regulation on the procedure for inspecting non-bank financial institutions

The National Bank plans to regulate the procedure for inspecting participants in non-banking financial services markets, which it has been supervising since July 1, 2020. To this end, a draft Regulation on the organization, conduct and […]

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The National Bank has started updating the key regulatory framework for regulating the activities of non-bank financial institutions

Key areas for updating regulations The National Bank has identified licensing, supervision, inspections, risk assessment, enforcement, reporting and auditing as priority areas for updating the regulatory framework. These updates will address the standardization and alignment of […]