Members of the Association that unites lessors and car rental companies have discovered
voluntary desire to work in a single team of like-minded people, we recognize the independence, uniqueness and value of each company, we respect its right to defend our own point of view, we are aware of the responsibility for our common the case and since the union was taken on a commitment to adhere to the rules of integrity and business ethics, which are reflected in the norms of this Code of Ethics.


Association “Ukrainian union of lessors “(hereinafter – the Association) is a voluntary association of leasing companies and other participants of the leasing market.

Mission of the Association is in promoting the development of an open and equitable market for leasing, and
rental services by coordinating efforts companies that have teamed up to protect common interests.


● contribute to creating a positive environment for the development of leasing activities in Ukraine
by cooperating with the efforts of all its participants and stakeholders

● to ensure the creation of conditions for honest and free competition between
Companies-members of the Association and throughout the market

● initiate and organize a radical improvement of the legal field

● form high ethical standards among participants in an organized leasing market and follow
for their observance

● promote investment attraction for leasing projects and improvement of conditions
domestic funding

● provide members of the Association with comprehensive information support,
promote their interests, and disseminate their positive work experience


The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to:

to demonstrate the commitment of the Association members to the highest standards of ethical conduct and
realization of them in practice;

raise the level of ethics on market, due to the high imitation standards of the Association members by unorganized participants.

Compliance with the rules and requirements of the Code of Ethics is a prerequisite for membership in Associations for all companies without exception, that it includes, and, accordingly, for each individual employee of the member companies.

Members of the Association are guided by the following principles:







Ethical standards of the Association regulate the main principles of relations between its members, colleagues, partners, clients, public authorities and the public.

1. Relationships between members of the Association.

Members of the Association undertake:

a) IMPLEMENT OUR ACTIVITY on principles of openness and transparency.

b) BUILD partnerships on the principles of equality, respect and benevolence.

c) COMPETE honestly and openly, without applying dumping; discrediting and other unethical ways of gaining competitive advantage.

d) PROTECT constructive relationships and implement joint projects with partners of the Association, to unite efforts for resolution common tasks of the market or group of companies.

e) to provide information about its activities that are not classified in accordance with legislation or internal acts of the company.

f) IMPROVE their knowledge and professional skills, in particular through the exchange of experience with colleagues.

g) DO NOT JUDGE the public activity of colleagues, as it is the prerogative of independent experts.

h) RECOGNIZE and respect the authority of the Association, as a collective representative of member companies, structurally responding to its requests, suggestions and remarks, in no way ignoring them.

i) DO NOT USE targeted, intentional actions toward Encouraging a particular employee / specific employee of any the leasing companies to headhunt him / her to work to its leasing company or before dismissal from the current place of work.

j) DO NOT make direct or indirect attempts to gain the property of competitors – members Associations, including informational and intellectual products, in particular ideas, promotions, services, advertising campaigns, etc.

k) BE MUCH CORRECT to a competitor in case of consideration of the Application
the client simultaneously with another leasing company that is part of the Association.

d) REPORT the cases of unfair competition between the members of the association in the Ethics Committee of the Association, which must pass these precedents for consideration of the meeting of the members of the Board of Directors Association or (and) general meeting. 

2. Relations with colleagues and business partners.

Members of the Association proceed from the fact that the key to their success is long-term constructive and partnership relations with all participants in the leasing legal relations (colleagues in the Association, other lessors, suppliers, credit organizations, etc.)., based on mutual trust, respect, honesty and justice.

3. Relations with clients.

Members of the Association are obliged to:

• to provide services to clients as high as possible in quality compliance with information provided to him prior to the signing of the agreement (including advertising), to clarify the terms of the contract in good faith;

• fulfill contractual obligations;

• ensure the confidentiality of information coming from clients, and do not disclose information that could harm him or his affiliated persons.

4. Relations with state authorities.

The association is interested in support of long-term, stable and friendly relations and cooperation with representatives of state bodies, whose competence is to deal with any issues of the activity of the leasing market.

 5. Relations with the public.

Members of the Association are building relations with public on the principles of openness and justice, are responsible for information, solutions and intentions announced for it, as well as raising the awareness of potential clients. Aspire to the formation and respectful attitude of society to leasing as a financing solution and representatives of this important profession.


To promote the profession and forming a positive image of the leasing members of the Association are obliged:

1. HELP for the formation of positive public opinion about leasing business, promoting the experience and achievement of the best market players. Explain business community, media representatives and the general public
social role of leasing.

2. EXPECT as much as possible and tolerant in the mass media information on behalf of the Association and in relation to the members of the Association.

3. DO NOT TAKE AN ACTION WHICH MAY AFFECT PROFESSIONAL reputation, Association, its members, market
and leasing as such.


1. Violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics is the basis for consideration on meeting of the Ethics Commission, role
which is valid for the period of consideration of the case by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the authority to investigate each case violation of the Code and take a decision:

a) to issue a warning;

b) on the issue of a reprimand with the disclosure;

c) suspending membership for the offending company;

d) the exclusion of the offending company from the Association.

2. Violation of the rules of the Code of Ethics by the employee of the company-member of the Association gives the right to contact the founder or the head of the company with a proposal to take disciplinary or other measures against this employee to avoid such incidents in the future.

3. Customers and others Interested parties may file claims to the Ethics Commission regarding Unfair behavior of its members and guaranteed to get operational and an objective response to the unethical behavior of any member.

4. Requests can be sent by e-mail – [email protected] or by letter to the address: st. Predslavinskaya, 28, Kyiv, Ukraine
03150, Ukraine.

Tel .: +38044 529 46 90 + 38093 3815100


The Code of Ethics can be reviewed and refined by proposals members of the Association and other stakeholders. Association members are obliged to promote the aforementioned ethical norms within the professional environment and business partnerships.