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For the first time in six months, the number of participants in the non-banking financial services market – the NBU – has increased

In February, for the first time in six months, the number of non-banking market participants began to grow. The number of financial institutions increased from 2006 (as of January 31) to 2009 of non-bank financial institutions. […]


Results of licensing and registration of financial institutions by the National Bank in November

During November, the National Bank received 567 inquiries from non-bank financial institutions. The largest number of inquiries concerned financial companies, pawnshops and lessors – 470. The number of inquiries concerning credit unions was 21 and insurers […]


The National Bank will establish criteria by which the degree of risk of non-banking financial services market participants is assessed

According to the  NBU , the establishment of criteria will determine the frequency of scheduled inspections of institutions. In particular, it is proposed to establish the following criteria for assessing the degree of risk: – state of […]

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The National Bank has completed the planned acceptance of reports from non-bank financial institutions for the first half of 2020

This week saw the end of the date of the first reporting to the new regulator by non-bank financial institutions in a new format. The NBU has accepted reports from more than 84% of financial […]