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Non-banking financial sector to receive new laws: draft law on financial services and financial companies registered in parliament

The draft Law №5065  “On Financial Services and Financial Companies” was registered in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine  . This document is a framework law for all financial services in Ukraine and defines common basic approaches to regulation and supervision […]

Leasing News

Leasing gets a new lease of life – industry legislation has been updated for the first time in 15 years (studying innovations)

The Verkhovna Rada recently adopted a new version of the Law on Financial Leasing, the first draft of which was created by the market itself in the person of a professional association of lessors of […]

Leasing News

Verhovna Rada approved a new law on financial leasing

The Verkhovna Rada approved the law on financial leasing exactly one year after its adoption as a basis.  279 people’s deputies voted for the corresponding bill  №1111 in the second reading and in total. Note that this law […]

Leasing News

According to the results of the first half of 2019, the leasing market continues to grow steadily, and the share of members of the Association “Ukrainian Association of Lessors” is predominant: in the portfolio 79%, in the new business 61%

PRESS RELEASE September 19, 2019, Kyiv, Ukraine Financial leasing market continues to grow in Ukraine. The decisive contribution to the positive trend is made by companies, members of the professional association of lessors. They show […]


Representatives of the Association took part in the meeting of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

 The Committee on Financial Policy and Banking finally reviewed the draft law 2413-a, which participants in the financial market “dubbed” as Split. Representatives of the Ukrainian Association of Lessors took part in the meeting of […]