The largest deal on SCANIA trucks using leasing schemes and Trade-in

On October 23, 2018, 30 Scania trucks, financed by the leasing company Scania Credit Ukraine LLC, were delivered to the international transport carrier Transpel. This is the largest deal made by Scania Credit Ukraine LLC this year. The client has implemented a whole range of solutions, including comprehensive financing and insurance for both tractors and semitrailers, as well as the buy-out by the importer of the used fleet of the customer – the Trade-in program. Moreover, the purchased fleet of vehicles was also leased for third parties.

“Our cooperation with Scania started in 2012, then we bought the first batch of 15 Scania R420 trucks. After a year, another 7 were taken, and the first Scania R450 Euro 6 appeared in the fleet later this year. As the experience of using Scania technology was positive, after the launch of a new generation of Scania trucks, I would have liked to see these cars in our fleet,” says Iryna Lesnichevska (Transpel Director). – The only way to buy new equipment for us was through the Trade-in program. I am very glad that our companies have been able to reach agreement on many issues, and 30 orange road trains have become a real flagships of our fleet. The new generation of Scania trucks is a good combination of style, design and functionality”.

“The success of this agreement depended, no doubt, on the application of the Trade-in program. For us, this is also a new experience that has allowed us to reach a new level of cooperation with customers in Ukraine, when we can offer the exchange of second-hand vehicles for new Scania cars. Taking into account global environmental trends, such a project is also an investment in the environment. In this way, we reaffirm our reputation by offering not only trucks and financing, but beneficial business solutions. Today we are creating a new concept of the cycling use of machinery and, accordingly, the market for services for our customers, it is especially pleasant to do it with our strategic partners, such as the company Transpelle Ltd, – commented the director of the Scania Credit Ukraine LLC Dmitry Panchenko.

Clear planning of automobile manufacturing, supply management, registration process and finance allowed the client, the supplier and the leasing company to plan the use of the used and new fleet almost without an idle time. This fact is of key importance, especially for international carriers, in their operational activity.


Financing of large truck transport projects from Scania Credit Ukraine LLC is one of the proofs of confidence in the financial market of Ukraine from foreign financial investors, which confirm the readiness to continue to cooperate with strong local companies, whether it be an international carrier or a construction company, a fuel distributor or a carrier of agricultural or food products.