Association «Ukrainian Union of Lessors» (UUL) was founded in 2005 as a voluntarily union of professional participants of leasing market. The Association’s primary objective was to «promote development of the opened and equal-accessible market of operational and financial leasing in Ukraine by co-ordination of enterprises’ activity, which had united in order to protect their general interests». At the same time it was proclaimed, that the union will not serve for achievement of any agreements between its members concerning the distribution of leasing market.

According to current legislation of Ukraine the union is a non-profit organization. UUL Association works actively at implementation of regulation tasks and directs efforts for the increase of its potential.

The great attention is paid to the followings directions:

  • development of rules and standards in the conduct of leasing business and rules of professional ethics at this market;
  • approchement of the Ukrainian and European legislation in the sphere of leasing;
  • support of the programs directed on increase of professional level and preparation of specialists, conduct of educational and practical conferences;
  • cooperation of specialists in Association, creation to working groups and relevant committees;
  • collection of statistical information with the purpose to draw out progress of market trends; popularization of leasing as one of instruments for financing of update fixed assets; law-making activity with the aim to remove civil and tax obstacles in leasing market development;
  • creation the atmosphere of partnership between power authorities and leasing industry;
  • cooperation with other organizations and associations, including international, in order to exchange experience.

With the purpose of development international ties UUL joined Federation of the European associations of leasing companies LEASEUROPE in 2005. Federation unites 47 national Associations of European countries which represent interests about one 1,5 thousand leasing companies and engulf 92% the European leasing market. Members of Ukrainian Association participate at the working groups of LEASEUROPE on items of CEE.

Seven constantly operating committees work in Association:

  • Marketing Committee
  • Risk-management Committee
  • Transport Committee
  • Car-rental Committee
  • Financial Legal Committee
  • Analytical
  • HR-managemant

The main motivation of Association development is to protect and put forward interests of each participant of the union, and all participants of the market.

UUL is based on the principles of the opened membership: full – for professional participants of the market and associated – for non-leasing companies. The highest organ is the general meeting. The Association Board carries the union’s activities in the period between general meetings. The Board appoints the Executive Director who presents Association  in relations with all enterprises, and organizations. Since March 2008 Maryna Masich is the Director of Association «Ukrainian Union of lessors».

Currently UUL unites 37 companies, among them there are leading leasing companies and representatives of contiguous markets. 

Association Board is represented by the companies: AVIS Ukraine,Ilta,
First Leasing Company/ALD Automotive, OTP Leasing, Raiffeisen Leasing
Aval, Ukrainian Leasing Fund, UniCredit Leasing, VTB Leasing . The Head
of the Board
in this period is Oleksandr Koscheev.