Special offer from VAB Leasing till November 01 2013 year: FORD Focus costs 95 UAH per day

Within special offer only till November, 01, 2013 VAB Leasing offers special conditions for leasing of FORD for individuals and legal entities: minimum 20% down payment, leasing term from 1 to 5 years with annually cost of 12.5% and the possibility of financing in national and foreign currency.
Signing leasing contract besides favorable conditions, the customer also gets a range of services for insurance, registration, maintenance of vehicle which allows VAB Leasing installments for the duration of the lease and the lessee has minimal upfront costs just to pay the down payment.
“Special offer from VAB Leasing, which is valid till November 01 2013 year, makes the leasing service more affordable. For example, the monthly payment on a new Ford Focus will be only 2888 UAH. And at this price are included: registration, insurance for 5 years hull insurance and liability, service support and many other services. VAB Leasing always tries to take leadership and to be the first to start exclusive and, at the same time the most profitable programs with partners, so we are ready to offer our lessees range of additional services: administration of fuel purchase and all necessary repairs (such as warranty,non-guarantee), washing the car, replacement vehicle, seasonal purchasing, replacement of tires, and other services “- said Vladimir Nechayev, Business Development Manager of VAB Leasing.


VAB Leasing was registered in November 2005. VAB Leasing provides financial leasing services of transport (cars, trucks, buses), agricultural and special machinery, equipment and operational leasing cars, leasing services with service to legal entities and individuals. VAB Leasing charter capital is 35.35 million UAH.