Used cars auction – wide choice and favorable financing conditions from Porsche Finance Group

Due to the
current economic situation Ukrainian consumers are looking for the most
advantageous ways of buying a car. Porsche Finance Group meets its customers’ needs
by offering them to participate in the used cars auction and buy a car on
favorable conditions either through PFG financing or cash. Used cars of such
brands as Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT are auctioned.

Used cars from
3 months to 7 years can be auctioned according to PFG auction rules. All cars
submitted for re-selling were originally purchased in Ukraine. Therefore, when
buying such cars in leasing their new owners can save on payments to the
Pension Fund and vehicle registration.

“Usually 15-20 cars are sold through the auction every month at a price 20% less than the market.
It is a very good offer, as most of the used cars are in excellent technical
Andreas Zöller, the CEO of Porsche Finance Group in

Customers can
purchase the cars they like at special prices in leasing (financial or
operational), loan or buy with cash. Choosing Porsche Finance Group financing
the customer receives a number of advantages and considerable savings. In
addition, AXA, UNIQA and UIG insurance companies offer favorable insurance
conditions for the auction car buyers.

Finance Group clients receive warranty on serviceability of all auction cars from
the official dealer centers which conduct their pre-diagnostics. Also, clients
are provided with a car service history (previous technical inspections,
repairs, etc.).

Full list of used
cars for sale can be found in ‘Customer Service’ section on Porsche Finance
Group website:

In order to
buy a car at the auction, the customer should apply to any VW, Audi, or SEAT
official dealer, which will bid for his or her lot.

Information about Porsche Finance Group:

Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by ‘Porsche Leasing Ukraine’, ‘Porsche
Mobility’ and ‘Porsche Insurance Agency.’ They are owned by Austrian ‘Porsche Bank,’ which, in
its turn, belongs to ‘Porsche Holding’ (Volkswagen AG). In
Ukraine, Porsche Finance Group provides the following services to customers of
Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche and MAN authorized dealers: financial and
operational leasing, car loan services, fleet management services and insurance
broker intermediation for clients.

For more information contact:

Porsche Finance Group

Alina Gromova

Tel:  +38 044 254 63 73

 +38 067 407 56 35