Porsche Holding presented the annual analysis of regional markets

Holding, announced the commitment to support the regional representative and
stay in Ukraine

Taking into
account a more than twofold decline of Ukrainian market of vehicle sales and maintaining
the downward trend in 2015, the key players of auto market cut down noticeably
their presence in Ukraine. Despite the economic effects, the parent company
Porsche Holding (hereinafter – PH) decided to support the regional
representative office and stay in the country to maintain its positions on the potentially
promising and strategically important market of Eastern Europe. That was
declared by the chairman of PH board Alain Favey at the annual press conference
in Vienna in December 2014, when he was presenting the annual report on the
tendencies and state of business on 24 markets.

“We keep on supporting our commercial activity in the period of economic
recession in the region which includes Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine.
And we count upon the stabilization of environment on the market which will
allow us to cover significant loss in Ukraine,”
Alain Favey said. He affirmed PH’s decision to support the
regional representative office and stay in Ukrainedespite the hard times. “We shall stay in Ukraine, and we hope that
the situation will change in the nearest future. Ukraine still remains a
strategically important market of Eastern Europe, as it has great potential for
the future growth.”

“In the period of unstable economic situation in Ukraine for us as for
regional representative office, the support of the parent company is of great
importance. In turn, we also support the region of our presence and our
clients. I am sure that a crisis is always followed by growth. The main thing
is to act honestly and transparently – these are the main principles of our
reputation both in Ukraine and the whole world”,
Andreas Zöller, the CEO of
Porsche Finance Group,

According to
the results of 2014, the markets of Germany and Spain showed the best dynamics.
The sales of new vehicles grew from 6.1% and 23.1% correspondently on these
markets. At the same time the secondary market of Spain remained at the last
year’s level, while the market of Germany fixed the increase in sales by 4.8%.
Also, notwithstanding the general decline of the light vehicles market in
Austria by 4.9%, PH managed to preserve its share of 35.8% at the level of
indicators of 2013 (35.9%). At the same time 283 multibrand dealer centers in
France, Netherlands, Belgium and Poland sold 120,026 (+4.5%) new vehicles and 116,586
(+1%) used cars. The most complicated situation is on the market of Central and
Eastern Europe. It is connected with the fact that the region that includes
Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Ukraine showed the decline in sales by 5.9%.

The currency
rates fluctuations also influenced the car sales volume in the countries of Latin
America. But, despite the difficult situation in Colombia and Chile it is
expected a small increase in the share of the auto market from 2.6% to 2.8%.

demonstrates steady growth among non-European countries. Six dealer centers were
opened there during the last year. And in 2014, 23 centers sold 16,610 new vehicles,
showing an increase by 19.5% as compared to the previous year.

Overall, in 2014,
Porsche Holding showed moderately positive trend in the majority of the regions,
which is confirmed by the overall growth in sales of new cars (+ 4.4%) and used
vehicles (+ 2.2%) as compared to the previous year. The results of PH regional
offices are consistent with the global market development dynamics.

Porsche Finance Group:

Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by
Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and Porsche Insurance Agency companies.
These companies are the property of Austrian Porsche Bank Group, which is owned
by Porsche Holding (Volkswagen Group). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group
provides the following services to the clients of official dealers of
Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche and MAN – financial and operating leasing,
crediting, fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insuring
vehicles purchased with financing or cash.