Porsche Finance Group presented statistics on the auto financing market

Kyiv, August 04, 2015 – According to Porsche Finance Group’s statistics,
for the first five months of 2015, the share of car sales financing in leasing increased,
and the share of sales on credit declined. During this period May became the
most active month for sales in leasing for Porsche Finance Group (12.63% of general
sales), and that of sales on credit – January (17.16%).

General reduction of share of auto
financing is a result of the whole sales market decline. Thus, according to statistics
of information and analytical group AutoConsulting, from January to May 2015, 15, 654
vehicles were sold, while for the same period of 2014 – 50, 420 vehicles.

Situation in the auto leasing market

As analytical data of Porsche
Finance Group show, the biggest share from the general sales of cars in leasing
in the Ukrainian market was fixed in May (6.52%), and in March Ukrainians bought
the lowest number of cars in leasing (4.34%).

At that, the share of cars sold with
leasing financing by Porsche Finance Group also correlates with market indicators.
Thus, it was the highest in May 2015, reaching 12.63% of all the cars sold in
Ukraine, and it was the lowest in March (only 0.93%).

Situation in the auto crediting market

January became the most active month
of funding cars purchases in the auto crediting market. On that month, the general
share of credit sales of cars in the Ukrainian market reached 12.12%. January also
brought the biggest for the first five months of 2015 number of vehicles that were
sold with Porsche Finance Group’s credit financing. On that month, the share of
sold vehicles made 17.16%. Compared with January, in this May the share of Porsche
Finance Group’s credit financing fell by 50% and made 8.43%.

“Regardless of the current sales dynamics, we have always followed and
will keep on following high standards of service, providing stable and reliable
funding, taking into account the interests of our clients. Like all market
participants, we hope that with the stabilization of the situation in the
country, our industry will also face the changes for better,”
Andreas Zöller, the CEO of Porsche Finance Group, commented on the
situation in the market. And he also added that despite the difficult economic
conditions in the market, Porsche Finance Group keeps on providing stable and
reliable funding for its clients.

About Porsche Finance

Porsche Finance Group
is represented in Ukraine by Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and
Porsche Insurance Agency companies. These companies are the property of
Austrian Porsche Bank Group, which is owned by Porsche Holding (Volkswagen
Group). Porsche Finance Group provides the following services for clients of
the official Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, Porsche and MAN dealerships in Ukraine:
financial and operating leasing, crediting, fleet management and insurance
mediation for cars purchased with financing or for cash. We offer competitive
financing programs both for corporate and private clients.