Porsche Finance Group handed over Seat Toledo for the use to Ukrainian Red Cross Society

On July 24, 2015, Porsche Finance Group handed over Seat Toledo car for
the use to Ukrainian Red Cross Society. It is already the fourth vehicle that the
company handed over to the organization to help it implement its numerous
social and charitable projects.

Since 2011, Porsche Finance Group has been supporting
the activity of Red Cross in Ukraine, particularly, helping it solve its
transportation and logistics issues. According to the agreement between the two
organizations, every half a year Porsche Finance Group can supersede the vehicle
handed over to Red Cross.  

In July this year, Volkswagen Golf 7 was replaced by Seat
Toledo. All the vehicles provided by Porsche Finance Group are comfortable,
spacious and serviceable what they have already perfectly demonstrated in

“Representatives of Red Cross in Ukraine are truly grateful to our longstanding
partner who consistently supports us – both in case when the circumstances
require the outside assistance and through the personal initiative. For several
consecutive years the personnel of the society has been travelling throughout
the country and solving the vital issues due to the safe and reliable cars
provided for use by Porsche Finance Group. We have found from our own
experience that the cooperation of business and charitable organizations gives
an opportunity to be more efficient and effective in our actions,”
Ivan Usichenko, the President of Ukrainian Red Cross Society, says. 

Last year alone, Porsche Finance Group has transferred
Ukrainian Red Cross UAH 220, 000 to help internally displaced persons from
the Eastern regions of the country. First of all, the charitable funds were
spent on medications, as well as the program of food aid to migrants living in
Kiev, Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk regions. Previously, the company had also
allocated the funds for the charitable organization to purchase tents for
heating and helping needy people during the winter. It had also allocated the
money for the needs of the Society’s hospital in Vizhnitsa, Chernovtsy region,
and St. Elena Hospice for cancer patients in Korosten, Zhitomir region.

“By each our action for support of social projects Porsche Finance Group
demonstrates that it is an active participant of Ukraine’s life, and not an outside
observer. The support of nonprofit organizations and charitable funds by
business has always been vitally important. Today it is especially important.
Helping Ukrainian Red Cross now, we are planning to keep on generating value
for the Ukrainian society,”
Andreas Zöller, the CEO of Porsche Finance Group, marked.

As the partners of Porsche Finance Group, the official
dealer networks Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT also participate in implementing
social initiatives. Thus, In February 2015, independent dealer “Audi Center
Lviv na Lypynskoho LLC” got a UAH 30,000 certificate from the company and used
it acquire sterilizing medical equipment for the Chief Clinical Military

About Porsche Finance

Porsche Finance Group
is represented in Ukraine by Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and
Porsche Insurance Agency companies. These companies are the property of
Austrian Porsche Bank Group, which is owned by Porsche Holding (Volkswagen
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