Up to 10% fuel savings for KRAFT FOODS (PJSC MONDEL?Z UKRAINE)

Development of partnerships based on mutual benefit and prospects for further joint development is a priority of Benish GPS.

Individualized approach to each client allows to develop the best solution for controlling and saving of corporate funds.

One of successful example of Benish GPS partnership is association with Kraft Foods (PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine) which started in December 2012. In the prime of 2013 the cars of PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine employees were equipped with Benish GPS vehicle monitoring system.

The key aim of Benish GPS became providing well-defined timely information about the vehicles’ mileage as well as tracking of speed limit.

“Convenient format of reports about the vehicles operations, on-line access to information about the vehicles movement helps to control effectively the work of the car fleet” – Volodymyr Kovalchuk, car fleet administrator of PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine mentioned.

The main factor of effectiveness of cooperation is numerical value. As of 2013 year-end PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine achieves 10% fuel saving compared with 2012.

“The obtained indexes of fuel economy are considered by us as a motive for the future improvement of vehicle monitoring system for PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine. We are pleased with the starting results of cooperation with PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine and expecting for the future successful joint development.” – Vladimir Gordeev, Sales Director of Benish GPS

We are pleased with the starting results of cooperation with PJSC Mondel?z Ukraine and expect the future joint development.

Mondel?z Ukraine is Ukrainian enterprise, a part of Mondel?z International, the world’s largest producer of chocolate products, biscuits and sweets and also the world’s second largest manufacturer of chewing-gum. Until 2014 the company “Mondel?z Ukraine” was known as “Kraft Foods Ukraine”.
“Mondel?z Ukraine” offers to the customers the quality brands that give delicious moments of pleasure. They are JACOBS, CARTE NOIRE, «KORONA», MILKA, «Mishka «BARNI», TUC, «Belvita! Dobriy ranok», «LUKS»; DIROL, HALLS, PICNIC, TASSIMO.
The company has been operating in Ukraine since 1994. During this time the enterprise gained and strengthened its leadership at Ukrainian market of foods in coffee, salty snacks, chewing-gum, biscuits and chocolate categories. An affiliated undertaking LLC «Chips LUKS» and Trostyanetsky factory operate within Mondel?z Ukraine. Four successful productions of salty snacks, chocolate confectionery, biscuits and coffee packing are developed there.
As of today Mondel?z Ukraine numbers about 1800 employees.
Since 2003 the Kiev Company is responsible for business development of the market of Moldova, since 2005 of the markets of Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, and from 2008 of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Mongolia markets.