Structural changes in the management of Porsche Finance Group

Even in difficult and turbulent period for the automotive market that emerged as a result of recent social changes in the country, Porsche Finance Group (PFG) continues the path of development and introduces new standards of quality by updating management structure. By extending the structure of top management, PFG aims to increase work efficiency and maintain it’s leading postion in terms of customer satisfaction.

On February 1, Porsche Finance Group moves to the new management model, creating a position of second managing director. This standard of top management is already supported by the most subsidiaries of Porsche Bank around the world, and this year it is being introduced into the Ukrainian representative office of Porsche Finance Group. As part of the optimization of the management structure, Olena Korenchuk, who worked at the origins of PFG and has passed a long way of professional development within the organization, was appointed to the position of the second managing director.

Except the financial departments (accountants department and controlling department) previously headed by Olena Korenchuk, to her sphere of responsibility are now added legal department, the Compliance office, the issues of financial monitoring, problematic customer debts, and risk management. Departments that are directly related to the market channels, such as sales department, marketing department, corporate clients sales and fleet management departments, client and dealer relations department, and insurance department, will remain in the responsibility of the current CEO of Finance Group Mr. Josef Graf.

“Due to the structural changes in top management, Porsche Finance Group will be able to devote much more attention to the relevant departments and units, and will be gradually realizing these advantages in terms of improving productivity and quality. Thus, expanding top management with assigned responsibilities and duties, Porsche Finance Group has prepared the way for constant development and success of the company in Ukraine. We are not planning to just wait for growth, but consider ourselves to be the engine and generator of impetuses of financing,” says Josef Graf, the managing director of Porsche Finance Group.

“These new developments in the structure of top management is an important step”, Olena Korenchuk, the managing director of Porsche Finance Group, stresses. “First of all, it aims to improve the efficiency of each department, which will provide us permanent and sustainable development and help achieve new goals”.

Porsche Finance Group is ready to face new challenges in the future and become even more reliable and stable partner for its dealers and customers.

Information about Porsche Finance Group:
Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by the companies of Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and Porsche Insurance Agency. They are the property of Austrian Porsche Bank, which in its turn belongs to “Porsche Holding” (Volkswagen AG). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group provides the following services to the clients of official dealers of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Porsche – financial operating leasing, crediting, fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insuring vehicles purchased with financing or cash.