Porsche Finance Group starts cooperation with MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine

Porsche Finance Group (PFG) starts cooperation with leading international truck and automotive services company – MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine. The formal signature of the contract is set up for June 2014. Both companies expect this cooperation to reinforce their positions in sectorial markets.

MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine sells not only trucks, but also a wide range of fully-equipped busses and coaches. Furthermore, the company assembles diesel and petrol engines for road vehicles as well as for trains, vessels, agricultural tractors and harvesters, etc. The company also provides its customers with wide range of high quality services, technical assistance and funding programs backed by Porsche Finance Group. MAN dealership network in Ukraine consists of 12 enterprises and expands rapidly.

«We used to cooperate with several banking institutions before. Though, the financing programs weren’t very popular among our clients and we didn’t observe substantial boost in sales. Nevertheless, we expect our strategic partnership with Porsche Finance Group to improve the situation», – the chief marketing officer of MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine, Alexander Ostapovich stated.

«Funding programs hold a quite considerable share of trucks market – around 60%. The fact that MAN now cooperates with reliable financial partner and provides more favorable funding conditions will enable the company to gain considerable competitive advantages over other players of the market. Of course, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership: we used to provide financing only for passenger and commercial vehicles and due to MAN product line we’ll be able to expand our brand range that will contribute to further development of our business. Furthermore, this company is a part of Volkswagen Group, which falls within our key principle – to provide financing only of those vehicles which are produced by our group of companies», the director of Porsche Finance Group, Josef Graf underlined.

Information about the Company:

Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by the companies of Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and Porsche Insurance Agency. They are the property of Austrian Porsche Bank, which in its turn belongs to “Porsche Holding” (Volkswagen AG). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group provides the following services to the clients of official dealers of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Porsche – financial operating leasing, crediting, fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insuring vehicles purchased with financing or cash.

About MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine:

MAN Тruck and Bus Ukraine is a 100% affiliated company of MAN Truck and BUS AG – the largest enterprise of MAN SE Holding with headquarters located in Munich. The company was established in 1758. Currently it produces MAN vehicles, MAN and Neoplan coaches, as well as engines and a wide range of industrial equipment.