"Networks and Business" magazine praised the technical developments of Benish GPS

The latest edition of the specialized magazine “Networks and Business” contains an overview of the

Ukrainian GPS-monitoring market. The reviewer analyzes the current market situation, the development

prospects as well as makes an overview of the major players of GPS-monitoring market of Ukraine.

Benish GPS occupies a rightful place in the article. The author highly appreciates the innovative

integrated projects of the company that have been developed and implemented. Thus a particular

interest of the author was aroused by an innovative development of Benish GPS, a GPS-electronic lock

BeniLock. This solution is designated for ensuring the safety of goods in transit. Any fact of opening or

damaging the lock is displayed on the map via a special service online.

Among the realized projects the author points out another interesting development of the company. It

is a comprehensive system for “ATB” retail where GPS-monitoring was integrated with a routes planning

system. The routes planning system automatically plans a delivery route and monitoring system

provides control of built route accomplishment.

The author also pays attention to such company’s solutions as BeniFone personal tracker, Benish Easy

Track easily removable tracker and BENISH GUARD vehicle safety system. The last-mentioned is a

unique solution on the market of satellite vehicle safety systems. For providing maximum efficiency

of BENISH GUARD security system the company has established the round-the-clock Dispatch center

that responds to all alarm car events. Also Benish GPS has signed an exclusive agreement about an

immediate response when receiving an alarm with Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal

Affairs of Ukraine. Car owner in turn receives information about the location and condition of the car’s

systems through a personal web page.

“Networks and Business” magazine is an edition for professionals in networking and telecommunications


The most relevant technical directions are reflected on its pages. First of all these are corporate and

departmental communications systems, information systems, local area networks, cable systems and

uninterruptible power supply system.

All of these topics are covered from technical and market side.