Benish GPS participated in the Fifth International Insurance Forum in Azerbaijan.

The Fifth International Insurance Forum supported by the Ministry of Finance of Azerbaijan took place in Baku on the 19th – 20th June 2014. The specialists from the Caucasus region, Central Asia, Europe, Turkey, Ukraine and other CIS countries participated in the Forum.

International Insurance Forum is one of the most important events of the Caucasus region, dedicated to the insurance market and covers the most important trends and prospects in the region.

The Fifth International Forum was attended by experts from Austria, Ukraine, Georgia, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Romania, Belgium, Poland, and representatives of such international companies as MAPFRE Re, Benish GPS, SAVA Re, REUNION AG, WILLIS, TRANS Re and others. Thus, the international status of the Forum brought together more than 20 regions of the world.

The Minister of Finance of Azerbaijan Samir Sharifov opened the Forum. He specified the trend of rapid growth and development of insurance market. The Chairman of Parliamentary Committees on economic policy Ziyad Samadzadeh continued an introductory speech. He has mentioned the role of normative base and its compliance with international standards.

The event’s format provided the live communication and discussion of the most topical issues by all participants of the Forum. During the roundtable discussions such issues as “Catastrophic risk management in public and private sector”, “Forming the reinsurance business in conditions of modern standards”, “Risk management methods for electricity, gas and oil fields and for the construction industry”, “Risk management and data management”, and others were considered.
The report of Azerbaijan Country Manager of Benish GPS, Yaroslav Zhovnirenko on the topic: “Technology and intelligence for claims cost optimization” caused the particular attention and active discussion.

“Innovative technologies, their importance and opportunities in a rapidly growing insurance market, as an additional tool for optimizing payments caused a great interest of all participating countries’ specialists  and representatives of international companies in this field,” – International Business Director of Benish GPS, Ruslan Agrba said.

Benish GPS hopes that participation in the International Insurance Forum will become an annual tradition. The company appreciates the organizers and participants of the Fifth International Insurance Forum for high level of organization, as well as an opportunity to share experiences and new ideas!