Representatives of VAB Leasing held an open lecture for students of Kyiv National Trade and Economic University

On September 6, 2013 VAB Leasing within outdoor lectures of Kyiv National Trade and Economic University, addressed the students of the first year of professional direction with the presentation of financial instrument: “What is leasing? Prospects for the development of leasing in Ukraine”
Kyiv National Trade and Economics University is the first university in Ukraine, which has created specialty “Leasing activity” at the department “Banking” and prepares highly skilled professionals in this area.
From the earliest days of study, students could choose promising directions for their professional activities and employment in the future. On the open lecture held by representatives of VAB Leasing, students talked about the situation on the market of leasing companies in Ukraine, the principles of leasing companies in the financial market of Ukraine, Ukraine Summaries of legislation governing the leasing market and the internal structure of the leasing company as an example VAB Leasing.

“We are pleased to note high level of preparation for the meeting and interest in learning new knowledge by first-year students of the Kyiv National Trade and Economics University. We had not just a lecture, but an active dialogue. Students asked questions and talked about leases and their main differences wondered about the advantages of leasing to credit. Everyone were interested in prospects of leasing in Ukraine and, of course, the level of salaries in the leasing companies “- said Vladimir Nechayev, Business Development Manager of VAB Leasing.

“Our team strives to be the best not only in financial results, but also the best in the field of promoting leasing in Ukraine and active social position at the market. Therefore, we are happy to respond to the proposal of the Kyiv National Trade and Economics University, to lead an open lecture”- says Lyudmila Zolotaryova, General Manager of VAB Leasing.

VAB Leasing was registered in November 2005. VAB Leasing provides financial leasing services of transport (cars, trucks, buses), agricultural and special machinery, equipment and operational leasing cars, leasing services with service to legal entities and individuals. VAB Leasing charter capital is 35.35 million UAH.