For the first time in agro-industrial complex: OTP Leasing finances DJI agro drones

The program extends to the DJI Agras T20 drone, DJI’s flagship model of agricultural solutions. It allows you to apply fertilizers and PPE exactly where they are needed, adhering to the exact dosage, which not only saves money, but also significantly improves the environmental situation in the fields. This was reported by the company

Leasing terms are quite attractive: the down payment is only 30%, interest rate – 0%, validity – 12 months. No collateral is required. The program provides equipment insurance.

“Leasing is an ideal way for many farms to introduce advanced agricultural machinery into the production chain of crop production,” said Valery Yevtushenko, head of the agricultural solutions department at, one of the leaders of the Ukrainian UAV market. “Cooperation with OTP Leasing has finally secured the status of professional agricultural equipment for DJI Agriculture drones, along with sowing and harvesting.”

At the end of the leasing period, the drones become the property of the farm. The use of the leasing mechanism allows to reduce the number of required documents, speed up the approval procedure and does not encumber the company’s assets with collateral.

Detailed information on the conditions can be found  here .