Leasing will receive a “second breath” in 2021

Customers who do not have collateral to obtain a loan can lease the necessary equipment.

Bankers spoke about this during a round table “Banking System in 2021: Challenges and Prospects”, held by the online “Financial Club”.

Globus wants to enter this market. “We are analyzing the possibility of leasing a product for our clients. For many, leasing itself is more interesting than lending. Therefore, we will offer it to those clients who need this service, ”said Serhiy Mammadov, Chairman of the Board of Globus Bank.

FUIB Deputy Chairman of the Board Artur Zagorodnikov said that the financial leasing service can be offered by most banks, and the demand for it should grow.

“In 2021, we see an important direction – road construction. The 2021 budget includes UAH 150 billion for the development of road construction and road repairs, and we can provide our customers with specialized road machinery and equipment. In total, we have three main areas: cars and trucks, special equipment for road construction, agricultural machinery and equipment, “said FUIB Deputy Chairman of the Board Artur Zagorodnikov.

Tamara Savoshchenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank, says that leasing is one of their priorities. “We plan to develop this area in 2021,” she said.

The key to promoting financial leasing is the issue of automation. “In our country, 2021 will be the year of automation. And we understand that in order to increase the number of transactions we can enter into during the month, to increase the quality of service, to reduce the time to make a decision to provide a product, we need to automate our own processes. The emphasis is on the automation of processes in financial leasing in the segment of small and medium business in the direction of cars and trucks, so that companies immediately receive them for use in business, “said Artur Zagorodnikov.