To accelerate the development of the Association in order to accelerate the development of the market, – a press release following the results of the General Meeting of the Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors”

The Professional Association of Lessors has recently hosted a general meeting of participants to discuss a new strategy for future periods, new governance policies and membership fees. Such reformation has come under extremely favorable conditions against the backdrop of a growing economy, leasing sales and the close cooperation of the organized part of the leasing market with the donor USAID / FST Project.

Twenty leasing companies attended the meeting, which was held in the conference hall of one of the Association members. Chairman of the Board of Directors Oleksandr Koshcheev and Director of the Executive Authority Maryna Masich introduced the participants to the concept of the Association’s development, which is not an end in itself, but will serve as a basis for the development of the industry as a whole. It will also help raise awareness of small and medium-sized businesses about the opportunities and benefits of leasing financial instruments.

Mr. Kosheev’s report identified the mission and vision of the professional union, and outlined goals and objectives for 2020-21.

The mission of the Union will now be: “Creating the preconditions and support for financial leasing infrastructure and operating lease of all types of fixed assets in Ukraine.”

As a result of the discussion of all the issues on the agenda, constructive decisions were made that would create good preconditions for the institutional strengthening of the Association and allow continued cooperation with the Donor Project at a new, higher level of technical and financial assistance.

Namely, the following decisions were made:

– introduction of a new Action Plan for the coming years;
– optimization of membership fee policy;
– strengthening the role of the Association’s Board of Directors and its election. The meeting ended with informal communication in the warm atmosphere of a small buffet table, where the most valuable, friendly and partnership relations between market competitors are laid.


Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors” was established in 2005 as a voluntary association of professional participants in the leasing market. The main objective of the Association is “to promote the development of an open and equally accessible market for operational and financial leasing in Ukraine by coordinating the activities of enterprises that have united to protect common interests.” At the same time, it was announced that the Union would not serve to reach any agreement among its members on the distribution of the leasing market. The Association is a part of the LEASEUROPE Confederation with its headquarters in Brussels, bringing together the Associations of 31 European countries. The Association includes participants that generate more than 80% of the Ukrainian leasing portfolio. Association “Ukrainian Logistics Alliance” was organized in 2005 by Ukrainian logistics companies to develop a logistics environment based on the principles of fair competition. Combining the efforts of various logistical organizations and enterprises helps to achieve the most effective results in the activities of the Association.