Ukrainian Union of Lessors and Ukrainian Logistics Alliance sign Cooperation Agreement

Leasing is one of the most effective financial tools for updating fixed assets. Therefore, the rail market is highly interested in using it to upgrade rolling stock, which is why there are many successful examples. And the Logistics Alliance, as an expression of industry interests, is ready to help develop the leasing market, which has been showing growth over the last four years, for the rapid modernization of wagons and traction. For this purpose, a Cooperation Agreement was signed between the associations on 10 October 2019.

The cooperation document envisages the promotion of leasing among the participants of the Ukrainian logistics services market, the involvement of leading specialists of the parties as consultants, joint holding of specialized events, exchange of information and statistics.

The signatories were Maryna Masich, CEO of the Association «Ukrainian Union of Lessors», and Andriy Gataulin, CEO of the Ukrainian Logistics Alliance.

Maryna Masich, CEO of the Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors”


Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors” was established in 2005 as a voluntary association of professional participants in the leasing market.

The main objective of the Association is “to promote the development of an open and equally accessible market for operational and financial leasing in Ukraine by coordinating the activities of enterprises that have united to protect common interests.” At the same time, it was announced that the Union would not serve to reach any agreement among its members on the distribution of the leasing market. The Association is a part of the LEASEUROPE Confederation with its headquarters in Brussels, bringing together the Associations of 31 European countries. The Association includes participants that generate more than 80% of the Ukrainian leasing portfolio.

Association “Ukrainian Logistics Alliance” was organized in 2005 by Ukrainian logistics companies to develop a logistics environment based on the principles of fair competition. Combining the efforts of various logistical organizations and enterprises helps to achieve the most effective results in the activities of the Association.

Andriy Gataulin, CEO of the Ukrainian Logistics Alliance
Cooperation Agreement