Alpha Leasing ™ changes its legal name

We would like to inform you that, as of October 1, 2019, Land-Lease Universal Leasing Company, which operates under the brand name Alpha Leasing ™, is changing its legal name.

Currently the legal name is Alfa-Leasing Ukraine LLC.

We have planned this for a very long time and have finally come to life.

We assure you that the renaming of “ULK “LAND-LIZ” LLC will in no way affect the fulfillment of Alfa-Leasing ™ obligations to Partners and Clients, the timeliness and completeness of which we guarantee.

ALFA-LEASING UKRAINE LLC, code under EDRPOU 33942232, is the successor of all rights and obligations of UNIVERSAL LEASING COMPANY LEND-LEASE, code for EDRPOU 31502612. We are fully committed to the process together with current and future Customers and Partners. Company website: