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Announcemen: 27 September, Round table “Financial leasing in Ukraine: assessment of the state and prospects of development”.

Round Table: “Financial leasing in Ukraine: assessment of the state and development prospects of international experts, donors and regulator” Dear colleagues! We invite you to participate in the round table devoted to summing up the […]


Звіт про стан лізингового ринку України

28 вересня 2018 року проект USAID Трансформація фінансового сектору презентував звіт: ЛІЗИНГОВА ГАЛУЗЬ В УКРАЇНІ: ТЕНДЕНЦІЇ ТА РЕКОМЕНДАЦІЇ ДЛЯ ЗРОСТАННЯ. Завантажити повний текст звіту >> РЕЗЮМЕ Економічна нестабільність минулих років вплинула не лише на темпи […]

Leasing News

Open Data opening Ukraine

$ 700 million in annual revenue, the ability to check the car for its VIN number and the free flow of non-personal data – this and other “spoilers” of today’s Open Data Forum in our […]

Company News

ULF Finance has leased Toshiba medical equipment

ULF Finance is pleased to announce that the company’s first Toshiba Aquilion CXL-128 CT diagnostic medical device has been funded. The miracle of Japanese technology works in favor and for the health of people in […]