Changes in management of Porsche Finance Group

Zöller, who previously held the CFO office at Porsche Finance Group in Romania,
will replace
Graf as the CEO of Porsche
Finance Group in Ukraine.

Since February 1th the management
structure of Porsche Finance Group (hereafter –PFG) has undergone a number of
substantial personnel changes. Andreas Zöller, who successfully worked in
Porsche Bank Group for many years and
previously occupied the CFO office at Porsche Finance Group in Romania,
became the CEO of PFG in Ukraine. Josef
Graf, who headed PFG for last seven years, became the member of managing board
of Porsche Ukraine LLC – the general importer of Audi, Volkswagen and SEAT cars
in Ukraine.

As of February this year, Andreas Zöller has
moved to Kiev and will be coordinating the activities of Porsche Finance Group
Ukraine from the CEO position, working side by side with Mrs. Olena Korenchuk,
who will continue her activity as the group’s CFO. Andreas Zöller is Austrian
and has studied economy at Vienna University for Economics and Business
Administration. He joined the Porsche Bank Group in 2008. Starting with 2009,
the new CEO of Porsche Finance Group Ukraine held leadership positions within
Porsche Bank Group Austria and PFG Romania.Mr. Zöller, acting as speaker of the
board, will manage areas directly connected with market outlets, namely – Sales
department, Marketing department, Department of corporate sales and vehicle
fleets management, Dealer and Clients relations, as well as Insurance
department. As before, Mrs. Korenchuk will remain responsible for Department of
accounting and control, Legal department,
the sphere of adherence to Compliance standards, issues of financial
monitoring and troubled debt of clients, as well as for risk management. 

«I’m glad to take the opportunity to work at one of European markets
with a huge potential for the future, –
underlined Andreas Zöller. Despite the complicated social and political
situation in Ukraine, I am happy to work for a company with such a strong
reputation in Ukrainian car financing market. Today the vector of Ukrainian
economy is targeted at European principles of development, which also comply
Porsche Holding corporate
standards, observed throughout the globe.
I will contribute my professional experience acquired in Romania and Austria,
in order to sustain and further develop the achievements of Porsche
Finance Group. I personally thank Josef Graf and Olena Korenchuk for the great
set up of PFG Ukraine. I look forward working here together with such great
colleagues forming the successful team of the loveliest service provider in

PFG Ukraine is dominating the sphere of leasing
services and staying among top 10 players of the credit market. Maintaining
high working standards implemented during the past 7 years, Porsche Finance
Group is continuously aiming to improve performance and ensuring high quality of
services provision to the clients. Adopted personnel changes will provide
further enhancement of quality of services provision through the implementation
of new strategic decisions.

Porsche Finance Group:

Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by
Porsche Leasing Ukraine, Porsche Mobility and Porsche Insurance Agencycompanies. These
companies are the property of Austrian Porsche Bank Group, which is owned by
Porsche Holding (Volkswagen Group). Porsche Finance Group provides the
following services for clients of the official dealerships of Volkswagen, Audi,
Seat, Porsche and MAN in Ukraine: financial and operating leasing, debt
financing, management of vehicle fleets, car insurance mediation, purchased
with financing or for cash.