BENISH GUARD at a fixed rate – 20.16 UAH/$!

Waiting for Christmas miracles and changes brought about by the New Year we are so anxious to give

happiness, to exchange gifts and not only to make a wish, but also to help them to be fulfilled. Benish

GPS company continues to please its customers and offers a car anti-theft system BENISH GUARD at rate

of 20.16 UAH/$!

The special offer is valid from December 1st, 2015 to January 31st, 2016. Don’t miss a chance to take the

advantages of satellite security system BENISH GUARD at a profit!

To get more information about BENISH GUARD and the special offer details, please call: 044 49 44 999


BENISH GUARD – an automobile satellite security system, that will prevent any attempt to take over

your car. Benish GPS has a round the clock dispatching center to ensure the maximum safety of the car

and to respond immediately to alarms. By installing anti-theft system BENISH GUARD, you have not to

worry about the safety of your car.