Travel insurance department of “NOVA Insurance Co” moved to Kiev center

Travel insurance department of “NOVA Insurance Co” moved to new office No. 36 at 22 B, Mykhaylovskaya str. Here everybody can buy travel insurance policies around Ukraine, going abroad, “green card”, mandatory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners, etc.

            The new location will allow the department  of travel insurance of “NOVA” to communicate more efficiently with partners – travel companies when servicing the insured. Today NOVA cooperates with more than 100 tourist operators. Most of them as many embassies are located in the center of Kiev.

            “NOVA Insurance Co” had been working in the insurance market for over 10 years, it is accredited by the embassies of Schengen countries. All citizens wishing to obtain a Schengen visa, can purchase insurance policies in “NOVA”.

            Company offers two type of policies to tourists travelling abroad. The package of services under the policy of the type A covers emergency care: medical, dental, transportation and repatriation of the Insured. It also gives a possibility to protect from the consequences of an accident. Policy Type B (in addition to the risks covered by the insurance policy A) includes reimbursement for the visit of a close relative, the evacuation of children, insurance of financial risks while traveling, the replacement of the insured person, his early return, etc.

            Policy  of “NOVA” for travelers around Ukraine covers costs for emergency medical care and helps to insure against accidents.