Rapid increase of carjackings and absolute efficiency of BENISH GUARD system

The number of car thefts has been increased
by more than 70% in Ukraine for 8 months of a current year. According to data
of Traffic Police 7048 cars were stolen in January-August 2014, whereas 4137
were stolen for the same period of 2013. The most dangerous in terms of car
thefts regions are Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk region and Kiev city. As it
was reported in the Kiev Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal
Affairs of Ukraine mostly the cars have been stolen at the night time and the
criminals prefer the cars parked near the houses. In this regards it was
repeatedly noted about a necessity of a very serious approach to security
question and to the choice of an anti-theft system. As of today the most
efficient security systems are the ones based on GPS technology.

A modern car security system BENISH GUARD is the best solution on the market
of satellite anti-theft systems. Due to the unique Dispatch center all the attempts
of thefts of vehicles equipped with BENISH GUARD, were successfully prevented.
Also it worth noting that Benish
works in the cooperation of the Traffic
Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. In case of a hijack
attempt of a vehicle equipped with BENISH GUARD anti-theft system a patrol of
Traffic Police is sent to the location of a car where coordinates all further
activity on returning of the vehicle to its owner.

Thus according to the Dispatch
center of Benish GPS more than 1400 alarms with a high degree of risk were
processed for the period of January-August 2014.  The cooperative efforts of Benish GPS and the
Department of Traffic Police succeeded to prevent the thefts in each case.