Heavy increase of car thefts and antiautotheft experience of the Benish GPS company

A heavy increase of car thefts is registered in the Ukraine’s capital. According to the information of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported by the Online newspaper Vesti.ua, 501 cases of car thefts were recorded in Kiev for the period from January till April of current year. As a comparison, it is worth noting that 499 car thefts were registered during the 2013 year. Thus only for the first 4 months of 2014 year more cars have been stolen that during the whole previous year. Only in 147 cases the cars have been returned to the owners.

The main instrument of the robbers today is a code grabber. This is a device that records a signal of a car alarm. The result of this “tool” is an unhindered getting into the car and its further stealing.
In this regard, the Metropolitan State Traffic Control Department alerts about the lack of effectiveness of usual car alarms. Typically the cars stolen in Kiev are run to Odessa, where they are taken to pieces in the backstreet garages or a change of numbers and selling for 70% of real market price happens.

According to the data of the round-the-clock Dispatch Center of the Benish GPS company, 90 events suspected to thefts of the cars, equipped with the satellite security system Benish Guard were recorded during January – April 2014. Rapid response of the Dispatch Center and immediate passing the coordinates of car location to the State Traffic Control Department’s representative has prevented the car thefts for every single fixed signal “Alarm”.

It should be mentioned that the Dispatch Center of Benish GPS works around the clock, including weekends and holidays in the 24/ 7 mode.  Thus, the vehicle equipped with satellite security system Benish Guard is under the continuous protection.