Benish GPS has started cooperation with the official dealer of Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Spyker, Ferrari and Lamborghini

Benish GPS in cooperation with Automotive Vipos Group has launched a project that will significantly improve customer experience. Starting from the beginning of 2014 consumers will have the opportunity to purchase and install “Benish Guard” satellite system at all auto salons of the Automotive Vipos Group network.

Furthermore, corporate clients will have an opportunity to purchase a satellite monitoring system for its corporate fleet. As part of the cooperation project Vipos Group got the possibility of installing the best in the country monitoring systems for their cars, designed for a test driving, or which are used for «temporary replacement». The need for such a partnership is obvious as both the clients and the Vipos Group will benefit from cooperation with the leading company in M2M solutions field – Benish GPS. At the same time, the introduction of innovative solutions provided by Benish GPS will add to the high professionalism of VIPOS Automotive Group another important feature – the vehicle safety.

About the partner:
«VIPOS» is the group of successful Ukranian market leading companies: «Automotive Vipos Group» – an official dealer of famous car brands in Ukraine – Lamborghini, Brilliance, Soueast, Haima. «VipCar» – an official dealer of Bentley and Spyker in Ukraine. «RadCar» is an official dealer Ferrari in Ukraine. «Audi Center Vipos» («Audi Center Khmelnitsky», «Tavrida Motors») –  an official dealer Audi in Kiev and Kivskiy region, Khmelnitsky and Khmelnitsky region, as well as in the Crimea. «German Motors» – an official dealer of Volkswagen in Kiev and Kiev region