Porsche Finance Group: Results of the First Half-Year Period of 2013

Porsche Finance Group (PFG), providing the services of financial and operative leasing as well as lending of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and Porsche automobiles, has figured out the results of the first half-year period of 2013. PFG, making the top four leaders of automotive lending, strengthened its leadership, having taken the fourth place in auto lending market and the second place among the companies providing the service of auto leasing – 13,5%.

The company’s performance data remained stably high despite tightening of the market, caused by the bill passed in April 2013 of small-displacement motor-cars’ import duty.

From year to date, 9 579 of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT automobiles were sold in Ukraine. For the past 6 months, 3 519 requests for auto lending and leasing in Porsche Finance Group were received. It is 8% more than for the same period of 2012. This year 2 784 cars were bought with the company’s financial participation. It is some 6% more than for the same period last year. The auto lending and leasing requests’ acceptance rate equaled 79% according to the half-year results. The percentage of individual persons buying automobiles is stably high – 62% of all contracts made.

Following the results of the first half-year period, the SEAT brand took leadership within automobiles signed away to clients. Funding share of the Audi automobiles was 20,78%. The Volkswagen motor-cars’ financing equaled 24,58%, commercial – 22,18%.

Of all the Volkswagen automobiles bought with PFG financial participation, Ukrainians prefer Polo, Golf, CC, Scirocco, New Beetle (in passenger cars line-up), and Caddy; Amarok and Crafter (in commercial cars line-up). In Audi line-up, the А3, А6, А7, and А8 models are in great request.

For the first half-period of 2013, Porsche Finance Group has been paying specific attention to services integrity consolidation in order to provide clients with the maximum of comfort. It is the insurance direction, online-service “Private Office,” the opportunity to manage the car fleet for fleet clients. Thus, PFG’s clients are provided with the complex of services from their dealer.

“We are happy that clients continue to trust us and that more and more car enthusiasts in Ukraine are able to appreciate the benefits of partnership with Porsche Finance Group. At dealer centers clients are provided with qualified advice and the complex of services: the opportunity to choose high-class automobile, the funding of European quality meeting the individual needs. All this helps the company to reach outstanding performance measures,” said Josef Graf, Manager of Board of Porsche Finance Group

The Porsche Finance Group Company continues to execute its plans of automobiles funding share increase. This can be illustrated by the positive dynamics of auto lending and leasing financing share. And permanent implementation of new services and rendering them “from one source” makes the communication more comfortable for clients and encourages them to trust the company even more.

Porsche Finance Group is represented in Ukraine by the companies of “Porsche Leasing Ukraine”, “Porsche Mobility” and “Porsche Insurance Agency”. They are the property of Austrian “Porsche Bank”, which in its turn belongs to “Porsche Holding” (Volkswagen AG). In Ukraine Porsche Finance Group offers services of financial, operating leasing and crediting of Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Porsche vehicles both for legal entities and individuals and holds the position of a market leader in vehicles financing. Besides, Porsche Finance Group offers the corporate clients fleet management services and acts as an intermediary in insurance policies issue for vehicle buyers.